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Z-fighting player's head and wearing skull


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      When the player puts the skull on the bottom of the head and the skull starts blinking. This can be seen in the inventory in windows, from third person if the camera is inside the player's head, from another player's screen.

      Steps to reproduce 1 (Windows):

      1. Put on the skull.
      2. Open the inventory with the player.
      3. Move the pointer up the screen to make the player look up.
      4. Look at the bottom side of your head.

      Steps to reproduce 2:

      1. Put on the skull.
      2. Build an obstruction for the camera.
      3. Switch from third person.
      4. Approach the obstacle so that the camera finds itself inside the player's head.
      5. Look at the bottom side of your head.

      Steps to reproduce 3:

      1. Put on the skull.
      2. Invite a second player.
      3. Look from the second player the bottom side of your head.

      Observed results:
      Z-fighting occurs between the player's head and skull.

      Expected results:
      Noticeable z-fighting between textures should not be in game.


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