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Stronghold doesn't have a chance to generate below y=0 / negative Y levels


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    • 1.18.10
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      In the 1.18 update, you can find structures below y=0 such as dungeons and mineshafts. However, strongholds cannot be found below y=0. This is already a feature on Java, so this can be considered a parity issue.

      Step to Reproduce
      1. Create a new world.
      2. Do /locate stronghold and teleport to that stronghold.
      3. Check if it's generating below Y=0/on negative Y levels.
      4. Repeat this from step 2 but by teleporting away from the previous stronghold.

      Expected Result
      Some of the strongholds are generating below Y=0/on negative Y levels.

      Observed Result
      None of them are generating below Y=0/on negative Y levels.

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