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Worlds missing after beta update.


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      List of worlds is missing after update (not sure which one exactly) and new worlds are not found in the same storage folder as before: internal storage/games/com.mojang

      Please fix this as soon as reasonably possible. Tried everything, force stop, cache/app data clear, reinstall with no results.

      Side issues, minor:
      Doesn't always keep Microsoft/Xbox login after closing app (last 2 years or so).
      Sometimes (not often) doesn't load player defined skins (long time issue).

      EDIT: 10/16/21 @ 02:23 CDT
      Yes, the game was updated through the Play Store's beta brogram. I already mentioned reinstalling. Also, I don't seem to be able to access the contents of android/data. As far as the ADB logs, I'm not exactly sure how to access those as my knowledge of ADB is somewhat limited.

      EDIT 2: @ 02:42 CDT
      Issue resolved by using a PC connection and copying the entire com.mojang folder to android/data/com.mojang.minecraftpe/files/games, however this doesn't change the fact that for some reason MCPE no longer recognizes the games/com.mojang location as external storage.

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