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Lost all pets, entities, and NPCs when log out or leave area



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      Note from GoldenHelmet

      Please remember that the bug tracker is here to collect information about bugs for the developers. Comments should focus on giving new information about how to reproduce or work around the bug. To show that you are affected, use the "Vote for this issue" link.

      To discuss the bug, you may use the Mojira discord and Mojira subreddit. Please use those forums to relate your experience, express how you feel about the bug, theorize about possible causes, and ask questions about game mechanics.

      At this point it is well established that

      • the bug affects all kinds of entities near the player, and
      • it is not triggered only by closing the app without using the "save & quit" button to close the world first.

      However, you should always use "save & quit" to exit your worlds because that is the intended way for the game to make sure all data has been saved and it gives you the best chance of not losing anything.

      After updating to 1.17.34, none of my entities are saved. Pets, villagers, and livestock are all gone, as well as all boats holding villagers, and hopper minecarts running under farm collection systems.  Everything is vacant. Like the Langoliers here, now. How infuriating. 

      UPDATE: after further testing, it appears that the app close save routines are absent. Previously, since I’ve been playing these past six or so years, closing the app saved everything just as if I’d gone through the Save & Quit menu, but without changing my world thumbnail (which was nice: I could deliberately choose what view to represent my world in the list).  Now, however, closing the app not only doesn’t save my entities, but also deletes any I had previously saved using Save & Quit. This means that if ever my app crashes or I have to exit for any reason without going through Save & Quit, I will always lose all pets, farms and entities. Terrible.  

      Screenshots below updated to include: cows corralled; cows still there after exiting by Save & Quit; cows vanishing after closing the app, despite them having been saved previously. 


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