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Multiple new lag related issues / Game crashing with new update



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      *Devs Please note - After searching, it appears I may have logged a duplicate ticket. Please see MCPE-143718 as I believe this is the same. Please close this bug report if appropriate to stop duplicates.

      Multiple issues being raised under one bug report as I believe they are all caused by the same thing.
      All of these issues began at the same time, when I updated my world to 1:17.34. Previously these issues did not exist.

      Issue 1: When opening a chest or shulker it can take up to 10 seconds for it to open
      Issue 2: When opening my inventory it can take up to 10 seconds for it to open.
      Issue 3: When filling up a water bucket from a large water source (ie river, ocean), an empty cube of air remains where I took the water from. This can stay like this for up to 30 seconds before it becomes a source block again.
      Issue 4: When placing water, it stays as a cube of water and will not flow for up to 30 seconds.
      Issue 5: When placing sand against a wall will stay on the wall and it can take up to 10 seconds before it falls
      Issue 6: Opening a trap door can take up to 30 seconds for the trapdoor to open (or close).
      Issue 7: When interacting with blocks (placing, breaking or picking up dropped items) the block or items sounds can be delayed by up to 30 seconds
      Issue 8: When placing blocks, the block will not place for approximately ten seconds, and then sometimes after it is placed it reverts to being an empty space and the block appears back in my inventory
      Issue 9: When breaking a block, it cannot be picked up until I crouch
      Issue 10: When breaking a block, it can break but then reappear in its original state and location
      Issue 11: When I tower up, after approximately 4 blocks the block sounds stop and then I take damage.
      Issue 12: Taking damage when placing blocks horizontally - Walking in a line, holding down place block, after approximately 6 or 7 blocks I will take damage
      Issue 13: Trying to pick up fish with a water bucket. Clicking to pickup fish does not give the animation and nothing happens. After several attempts it then starts to do the animation and I cannot pick up fish in a bucket.
      Issue 14: When I click on a villager to trade it can take up to 30 seconds for it to register. Sounds are also delayed by the same amount of time.
      Issue 15: Mobs around me freeze, but I can still move around them. When I move around them I cannot interact with them. They can be frozen for up to ten seconds, and then become animated again. All land based and ocean based mobs appear to be affected by this.
      Issue 16: Game crashes after about 30 seconds of play time. When I log in, I only get a chance to move around for a few seconds, then it freezes, and boots me out.
      Issue 17. Villagers in trading hall have despawned.

      All of these issues appear to be lag related.
      I have no redstone builds in my world, or any structures that contain enough entities to generate significant lag.

      Also, for some reason my file size increased by 50mb after this update even though I had not explored any new chunks or completed any significant builds.
      In one session I traded some carrots for emeralds, tried to pickup some buckets of fish and place and break a few blocks, but the world file size increased by 50mb.

      Expected results: Gameplay in a small single player survival world should not lag for any significant period of time. Tile drops, block interactions, accessing inventory, animations and block sounds should render in what would be considered an acceptable time frame. And players should not take damage from towering up or placing blocks horizontally in a line.

      Experienced results. Gameplay, block interactions, animations, inventory accessibility and sounds are all experiencing significant lag to what would be considered unreasonable.

      Note: Thank you devs for everything you do for us. I don't like logging these reports as I know how busy you must be right now. Thank you again, especially to ocelot onesie for always putting up with my bug reports. You're the best!

      12/10/21 Updated Information - I did some testing last night and old worlds that do not have the experimental toggle enabled are not affected regardless of file size. All worlds that are currently experimental are affected, despite file size.


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