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Render Dragon decreases performance by a lot



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      Many people that play on Windows 10 install the x86 build of Minecraft Bedrock because it has no render dragon (Until 1.18.30 existed). The main reason many play on this version is because of the blatant performance issues, and input delay for literally any version with render dragon in it. The game just simply feels significantly laggier, especially on most servers. I have a pretty good pc, but I have an extremely noticeably weaker performance on any version with render dragon. In the attachment, I test and compare the performances of 1.16.100 (A version without render dragon), 1.16.200 (the first render dragon release), and 1.17.30 (the latest release as of the publishing of this report). Each version will be tested on the same server with the same map, a single-player infinite world, and a world with absolutely nothing in it, all with the exact same video settings. The FPS averages will be at the end of the video. Hopefully, there are ways to either fix render dragon to get better performance or to get rid of it. 

      A possible solution: It's understandable why render dragon is useful in some ways, but on most devices (99% of them), it remains pretty useless as they aren't able to run RTX (The main purpose of the engine change). That's why I think that there should be a choice to play which version, or something along the lines of that. This can help many players have a better overall experience with certain activities, like playing on servers. Because both engines display 99.9% of things similarly, I don't see how this could be much of an issue when both are commonly used. 

      1.18.30 UPDATE: Render dragon now runs on all builds including the x86. Many have said that they have even worse performance on this update. Ever since render dragon was first released, in December 2020, there has been no noticeable improvements in render dragon's performance, and pink glitch. In fact, my FPS and performance have gotten worse over the updates. Will our voices ever be heard?


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