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Looting is not applied when a mob is killed with a projectile


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      For those of you who mentioned that loose tridents in the world are disappearing, that is a separate issue and is being tracked as MCPE-141539.

      When a mob gets killed by a projectile, the loot from the mob will not be applied with looting, resulting in less drops from the killed mob. This happend after the 1.17.30 update

      Expected result
      The loot from the mob gets applied with looting. Just like it happens on Java.

      Observed result
      The mob only drops the amount of loot that is the same as killing a mob without looting.

      Steps to reproduce
      Step 1: Shoot an arrow or trident against a Ghast with 1 or 2 health left (try punching the ghast 3 times before shooting)
      Step 2: Switch as quick as possible to a looting 3 sword in your hand
      Step 3: Look at what the Ghast drops, only 0-2 gunpowder and 0-1 ghast tears. This should be 0-5 gunpowder and 0-4 ghast tears per Ghast

      I have added Looting test 1.17.10.mp4, Looting test beta.mp4 and Looting test Java.mp4 to the bugreport.

      In 1.17.10, using a trident, the ghast drops:
      -With trident:
      3 gunpowder and 1 ghast tear. Because I got 3 gunpowder, means there must be looting applied as getting 3 gunpowder is impossible without looting (max loot of gunpowder without looting is 2 gunpowder
      -With bow:
      3 gunpowder and 4 ghast tears. The multiple ghast tears shows that looting is definitely applied in 1.17.10 on mobs killed by looting

      In 1.17.30+ (the recording is done in, but 1.17.30 experience the same issue as seen by the other attachments)
      -With trident:
      1 gunpowder. Because I got only 1 gunpowder, it can be said looting is not applied
      -With bow:
      1 gunpowder and 1 ghast tears. This once again shows looting is not applied if mobs are killed by projectiles

      In Java you can see, after throwing the trident, it will drop the loot with looting applied. This means the change in 1.17.30 is in disparity with Java

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