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Very large magnitude scores appear in the wrong order on the sidebar


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    • Preview, 1.19.20
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      The bug

      Scores displayed on the sidebar are supposed to appear in descending order, with the largest values on top and lower values below.

      However, sufficiently large scores (near the integer limit) mess up the order.

      How to reproduce

      /scoreboard objectives add test dummy
      /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar test
      /scoreboard players set a test 2147483647
      /scoreboard players set b test 100
      /scoreboard players set c test 0
      /scoreboard players set d test -100
      /scoreboard players set e test -2147483648

      Expected result
      Scores are listed in alphabetical order

      Actual result
      d is listed first, despite being a negative value. Now do

      /scoreboard players reset a

      Now e is listed first, and d is in the proper spot. Now do

      /scoreboard players reset e

      Finally everything is in the correct order

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