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Nether portals usually spawn the player into the corner position instead of the middle


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      When using a nether portal to travel from the nether to the overworld, the game positions the player into the corner position of the overworld nether portal. This issue applies to all possible portal frame sizes, and is most noticeable as an issue when creating large portal frames, as you are spawned in the corner of a large nether portal, as opposed to the middle of it.

      Things worth noting:

      • When traveling from the overworld into the nether, the positioning is always in the middle.
      • The portals behave in this manner even when perfectly linked through coordinates (with overworld X and Z divided by 8).
      • Occasionally, the player is placed near the middle, but seems to happen randomly with no apparent variable.
      • In the Java version of Minecraft, the player is spawned in the middle of the portals.


      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. On a creative world, create a 11x11 portal frame, ignite it and enter.
      2. Once in the Nether, rebuild the portal into a 11x11 frame (optional but demonstrates the spawn positioning), enter the portal again.
      Observed Results:
      The player is spawned in the corner of the portal when traveling from nether to overworld. This issue does not happen when traveling from overworld to nether, and the player is instead spawned in the middle. The position from which the player enters the portal doesn't affect the spawn positioning that is observed.
      Expected Results:
      The player should spawn in the middle, like they would when entering the portal from overworld to nether (assuming a 11x11 frame in the nether), and like it would work in Java.


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