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"Show Border Effect" option appears in the world menu


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      The issue

      A selection of gamerules are available in the world edit menu in bedrock edition. Lately, "Show Border Effect" was added to this list. In case you are not aware, this option controls whether a certain creative-only block emits particles.

      This utility of this rule is extremely niche, bordering on nonexistent. This is only relevant in a world with:

      • Cheats enabled
      • Education features turned on
      • Border blocks placed
      • Players in adventure mode playing the published product
      • Said blocks placed insufficiently far below the playing field, such that the particles (which only appear when players are nearby the physical border blocks, which have infinite upward influence) become visible

      In these cases, the ability to change this option with the /gamerule command (before publishing) is more than sufficient. In fact, given the obtrusiveness and inconsistent display of the border particles, a preferred option would probably be removing them altogether.

      Despite this, the option appears in the menu for all newly created worlds, the vast majority of which meet none or very few of the above criteria. Its vague description and narrow, obscure use case has already been shown to confuse players.

      There are several other gamerules with minor impacts on the survival experience, such as doInsomnia, or the various damage control gamerules. None of these are configurable in the world edit menu.

      There are also various creative-only gamerules, including maxChainCommandLength, showTags, and showDeathMessages. Each of these has a broader and more understandable utility than showBorderEffect, yet are also not configurable.

      Whatever the criteria are for including a gamerule in bedrock's world edit menu, it's clear that "show border effect" does not meet them.

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