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Cannot load or create any world in Beta if using External Storage


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      A Possible Workaround

      1. Leave the beta program and reinstall Minecraft (back to 1.17.10), Doing so may lose any worlds stored in Application data.(Note that opening any worlds that were opened in the beta may not work in the non-beta version)
      2. Switch File Storage Location into External.
      3. Rejoin the beta program and update and you may get legacy external file access.

      Another possible work around to play external worlds in application storage for those who know how;
      1. Go to your games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds folder
      2. Zip each world file and rename them from .zip to .mcworld
      3. Switch to application storage and import those worlds.

      I can't load any world's after updating to beta.

      I can't even create New world's is there any way to solve it

      Steps to reproduce:
      On an android 11 device do the following:

      1. Give Beta a clean installation and switch File Storage Location into External.
      2. Create a new world.

      Observed Results:

      1. The world fails to be created

      Expected Results:

      1. World is created

      Note a possible explanation as to why this happens is in MCPE-136660

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