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Renewed realm and it created a new one--twice! And I got charged



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      Sounds like a similar error to what was reported in REALMS-1360

      I create a new realm about a month ago and paid the subscription. Then today I got a warning that the realm had expired. Panicking, and not wanting a whole team of people to lose a month of work, I clicked to get the subscription. But it created a new realm. Now that realm shows "renews every 30 days" and my original world shows "renews every 0 days"–whatever that means. So I figured I hadn't actually renewed by subscription. So I went into my original realm, clicked on subscriptions, saw that none were active (how! why?) so I clicked to add the 10 player subscription and AGAIN it created a new realm, charging me again for a subscription the THIRD time. This is insane. In xbox, I can't tell which subscription is which and I REALLY don't want to accidentally cancel the wrong one. So in minecraft I clicked "close realm" in the two new realms, but this apparently doesn't cancel the new subscriptions. And I need my money back. This felt like a phishing attack by Microsoft/Mojang. Please reopen the previous issue and lets figure out how to make things right. I would like a refund and I would like to be able to see that my subscription is active when it is active. And I would like to be able to cancel my subscription and not just "close realm". 




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