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Placing tropical fish caught in a bucket 'bleaches' them


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      Whenever I empty a bucket of tropical fish, regardless of the original fish's colors, the fish that is released is pure white. The glitch doesn't appear to change the type of the original fish, just resets both its main color and pattern's color to white. I've tried this with several varieties of fish, with the same result every time. There doesn't seem to be an issue with the fish being initially captured in a bucket, as the correct name of the fish is displayed, but if I capture the fish after it's been 'bleached,' the name of the bucket comes up as 'Bucket of White (insert name of fish here)'

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Spawn a tropical fish in water
      2. Note the tropical fish's color
      3. Collect the tropical fish with a water bucket
      4. Release the tropical fish into the water
      5. Note the tropical fish's color again

      Observed Results:
      The tropical fish is white.

      Expected Results:
      The tropical fish should keep its original colors.

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