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[Experimental] Maps don't load any terrain properly that is below y=0


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    • Beta, 1.17.40
    • Beta, 1.17.11 Hotfix, Beta, 1.17.10, 1.17.30, 1.17.32, 1.17.34
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      When you're using any maps to load terrain, it loads the terrain map around it, however it doesn't if the terrain is located below y=0. Instead of anything that is below y=0, it shows black square as if there is a void below, when it is not. This only happens by setting Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle on in the world.

      Step to Reproduce
      1. Do /fill ~ ~ ~ ~10 -10 ~10 air
      2. Get a map and load it up.

      Expected Results
      The map will load properly, even if the terrain is below y=0.

      Observed Results
      The map shows a black square if the terrain is below y=0.

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