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Entity trying to mount its rider entity crashes the game


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      The game crashes when a ridden entity is trying to ride its own rider.


      How to reproduce

      First you need an entity that can ride itself, so it needs to have a rideable component that references its own family, i've used the slime as an example:

            "minecraft:rideable": {
              "seat_count": 1,
              "family_types": [
              "seats": {
                "position": [ 0.0, 1.105, 0.0 ]



      Next you can either use the /ride command (1) or give the entity a behavior.find_mount component (2).

      Summon two slimes.

      (1) If you're using the command, make sure you mark the slimes with different tags so you can select them properly, e.g.

      /tag @e[type=slime,c=1] add ride
      /tag @e[type=slime,tag=!ride,c=1] add rider

      Next, make one slime ride the other. So far everything works as intended.

      /ride @e[tag=rider] start_riding @e[tag=ride]

      Now, reverse the riding without dismounting the slimes first. The game will freeze and crash shortly thereafter.

      /ride @e[tag=ride] start_riding @e[tag=rider]

      Interstingly the game doesn't crash if you specify the teleportRule argument as teleport_ride.


      (2) If you're using the component, the slimes will path towards each other and as soon as they merge, the game freezes and crashes shortly after.

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