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Phantom Flapping Sounds Don't Work Properly


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    • Preview, 1.20.70
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      When a phantom is visible the flapping sound is played correctly, however when the phantom isn't visible, the sound never plays, though ambient noises are still played.

      The Phantom plays the flapping sound via a resource pack animation, when the phantom isn't visible the animation doesn't need to play, there for the sound isn't played.

      If this could be fixed in a way that allows add-on creators to have sounds play from a mobs resource files that are not visible in camera that would be appreciated.

      See the attached video for demo.

      Steps To Reproduce:

      1. Make a box
      2. Set the time to night
      3. Put a Phantom in it
      4. Observe that while looking at the Phantom the flap sound is played
      5. Turn away from the Phantom
      6. Observe that the flap sound is no longer played

      Expected Results:

      • Phantoms (and other mobs that use sounds in animations) play animation sounds when not viewed, or use a different client side method of playing these sounds.

      Observed Results:

      • Phantoms don't play the flapping sound when they aren't being viewed

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