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Conduit may despawn Elder Guardians after leaving Realm?



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      [I have not yet attempted to recreate this bug, but will attempt to do so when I can discover more undersea monuments with the necessary supplies on hand.]

      After placing a conduit on top of an undersea monument in a Realm, if all players leave the Realm, the Elder Guardians may despawn.

      Steps to reproduce (not yet verified):

      1. Locate an undersea monument. Note the presence of the Elder Guardians by the Mining Fatigue effect. The players may all quite the Realm and come back at this point; the Elder Guardians will still be there when the players return to the monument.
      2. Approach the undersea monument from the surface in a boat. Note again the Mining Fatigue effect indicating the presence of the Elder Guardians.
      3. Immediately build a full Conduit Frame on the top center of the undersea monument, using the "roof" of the monument as the bottom of the frame, and using prismarine obtained from another monument to construct the remainder of the frame. Do not attempt to enter the monument.
      4. Leave the immediate vicinity of the monument (e.g., "find a safe place to quit")
      5. Have all players leave the Realm. (Since Minecraft won't find the Realm again until the users fully quit the app, the users exit the Realm and then manually quit the application.)
      6. We waited about an hour and a half (e.g., have dinner)
      7. Log back into the Realm. 
      8. Return to the monument.

      Expected Result

      The Elder Guardians still exist, and the Mining Fatigue effect applies when you approach the monument.

      Actual Result

      The Elder Guardians are missing. As expected, once gone they never respawn. A few Guardians may spawn in the monument, but it's otherwise deserted. The Mining Fatigue effect never applies. Players are free to ransack the monument unimpeded.


      Could the Conduit effects be causing the Elder Guardians to die and/or despawn? I would expect that to be possible for the topmost Elder Guardian, who would likely be within the Conduit's damage radius, but I would think the other two Elder Guardians would be too distant to take Conduit damage. Is it possible that the Conduit Power effect is somehow despawning the Elder Guardians upon reloading the world?


      The Realm was set to Normal difficulty throughout. This is not a "I set the difficulty to Peaceful and the Elder Guardians despawned" issue.

      It's possible this was a one-off glitch. I'll attempt to reproduce it as soon as I can duplicate the conditions. However, it was sufficiently unexpected that I thought it important to document as a possible bug. Possibly others have experienced this issue?




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