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Death screen freezes while setting health via gametest script


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    • Preview, 1.19.60
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      The game freezes on the death screen when a player's health is set via the `setCurrent` method of the `health` component.


      To replicate:
      1. Create a behaviour pack with a `javascript` type manifest module
      2. Create a `scripts` folder in the behaviour pack
      3. Download the attached `index.js` file and move it into the `scripts` folder
      4. Set the `entry` property in the manifest to `scripts/index.js`
      5. Create a world with the `Enable GameTest Framework` toggle enabled and apply the behaviour pack to the world
      6. Load into the world and die within 1 minute, the `setCurrent` loop will stop after 1 minute to show that the issue does not occur due to continuous calls to `setCurrent`

      Note: `setCurrent` also seems to disable `/kill`, so death needs to occur through a different method

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