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Stuck swimming down/falling issue


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    • Preview, 1.20.30
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      The problem of crouching when swimming

      i was playing my minecraft world, and i live on an island so i swim a lot.  when you swim around and then go down with crouch (spam to see if that works). then you should not be able to swim up for the duration of swimming. this is super annoying and i almost drowned multiple times.

      steps to reproduce:

      1. open a world on the bedrock nintendo switch edition.
      2. find a large ocean.
      3. swim using crouch for a while.
      4. observe that you cant swim up until stoping.

      this is my first report so it's a little new to me being in new territory after looking at bugs for months. this was happening for a while but i just signed in, and also if you need gameplay its closer to 1.17.

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