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You can break through end portals in survival mode with a piston



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      You can break through end portals in survival mode by just pushing a sticky piston with a block through the end portal, lighting the portal and retracting the piston with the block back.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Craft the ender eyes;
      2. Find a stronghold and it's portal;
      3. Place a block of your choice in the middle of the lava box under the portal;
      4. On top of that block, place a sticky piston facing up; (at this point, the sticky piston should be one single block under the portal)
      5. Place a block of your choice (but no obsidian) on top of the sticky piston; (the block of your choice should be inside, in the center of the portal)
      6. Activate the piston with a lever or some redstone; (the block of your choice should be pushed one block over the end portal)
      7. Light the portal by putting all the eyes in the frames;
      8. Retract the piston; (the block that was on the piston should retract, breaking through the portal)
      9. Break the block that was retracted by the piston, which is currently inside the portal;

      ->  You broke through the end portal and now you got a hole in your end portal!


      Video is kinda choppy but i think you can understand the issue from it.

      Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iSsg1h_dKEidGMMx1-ZDN2Fe9-iUif-v/view?usp=sharing


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