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Villagers won't mingle on bells if other villagers can't reach it



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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create 2 large, sealed rooms 20 blocks apart from each other.
      2. Inside each room place 3 beds each 15 blocks apart from each other, and spawn 3 villagers.
      3. Place a bell at the far end of one of the rooms.
      4. Set the time too noon and wait for the afternoon gathering.

      Expected results

      The villagers in the room with the bell gather at the bell, and the villagers in the other room do not.

      Actual results

      The villagers in the room without the bell get angry that they cannot gather at it. That causes the villagers in the room with the bell to lose their links to it. A cycle of linking and unlinking ensues every day at gathering time, with the final result that the villagers who could gather at the bell fail to do so consistently.

      I have about 40 villagers, 6 of which are close to the bell, but they won't mingle during mingling hours. Rarely, they'll talk for a very short time, but as other far-away villagers try to link to the bell and fail, they'll stop mingling and wander around aimlessly.




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