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Crash when attempting to do anything in worlds with the Caves & Cliffs option enabled


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      As described by the title, this ticket is now being used to track crashes that occur when doing a number of actions in Beta in a Caves & Cliffs-enabled world, including (but not limited to)

      • Moving
      • Breaking blocks
      • Killing mobs
      • Using throwables

      Mojang is aware of this issue. We appreciate that you want to share more information to help solve it, but there is no need to say that you experience this issue or what seemed to cause the crash, as Mojang automatically receives a crash report every time a crash occurs, so they likely have enough information (together with this report) to work on a fix. Mojang will check in to ask for more info if they need to.

      For now, you may choose not to play on the affected worlds for the time being. Please note that there is no way in-game to turn off the Caves & Cliffs experimental option, and doing so by other means is not supported and may cause serious issues with your world.

      On a similar note, if you experience a crash in 1.16.221 Hotfix or subsequent versions where this issue will be fixed, there is no need to create a report unless you can reproduce the crash reliably (with reproduction steps).

      Steps to reproduce (by breaking blocks)

      1. Create a world with the Caves & Cliffs option enabled with the seed -1602018465
      2. /tp 521 63 -570
      3. Break a sand block
        No crash
      4. Break a grass block
        Crashes immediately

      Other information

      • This appears to affect blocks with the grass breaking sound (MCPE-128997). From other duplicate reports thus far, this has also been reported to affect dirt/grass, stone/cobblestone wall, pumpkins, bamboo, leaves and waterlogged stairs.
      • For breaking blocks, this may not affect Creative mode (MCPE-128997)
      • Does not seem to occur everywhere in the world, e.g., breaking grass blocks in the Taiga biome spawn using the seed stated above.
      • Crashes have also been reported to occur when attacking mobs/using items (e.g., throwing snowballs in MCPE-128958). This may have a similar root cause.

      Original summary and description below

      Crashing when chopping wood

      Game crashes when chopping naturally spawning trees, also happens on xbox and when playing multiplayer cross platform, both games crash unless the player not chopping wood is in the nether 

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