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Hand bob is too strong overall



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      Steps to Reproduce:
      1.Enable 'view bobbing' toggle option in video.

      2.walk on ground.

      Observed Results:
      Hand bob is too strong than Java Edition and older Bedrock Edition

      Expected Results:
      Must match like Java Edition and old Bedrock Edition.


      We have prepared sample code for fixing bugs:




      "animation.player.first_person.walk": { // copy here
        "loop": true,
        "bones": {
          // You can get closer to the Java Edition or old Bedrock Edition by preparing a 0.75x hand bob code that is the reverse of the normal direction.
          // This is enough, as the hard-coded animation will play.
          "rightArm": {
            "position": [ "math.sin(query.walk_distance * 180) * variable.hand_bob * 0.75", 0.0, 0.0 ]
          "leftArm": {
            "position": [ "math.sin(query.walk_distance * 180) * variable.hand_bob * 0.75", 0.0, 0.0 ]


      However, if you go underwater, the animation may be played by mistake. You can improve it by adding this code to variable.hand_bob.



      "variable.hand_bob = query.life_time < 0.01 ? 0.0 : variable.hand_bob + ((query.is_on_ground && query.is_alive * (1.0 - variable.swim_amount) ? math.clamp(math.sqrt(math.pow(query.position_delta(0), 2.0) + math.pow(query.position_delta(2), 2.0)), 0.0, 0.1) : 0.0) - variable.hand_bob) * 0.15;",


      The cause of the bug that makes the top and bottom bobs stronger is that the hard-coded animation and the top and bottom animations coded in the vanilla resource pack are played at the same time.

      The problem of stronger left and right hand bobs actually exists from 1.2. It's very annoying.

      The top and bottom bob bugs only occur on some items and on empty hands.
      These codes only work for items specified by 'attachable', and for empty hands (the animation when holding the item seems to be hard-coded at this time and cannot be changed).

      These are just samples.
      If the empty hand animation is no longer affected by the hard-coded animation, we recommend using the following code:


      "animation.player.first_person.walk": {
        "loop": true,
        "bones": {
          "rightArm": { // why vanilla code was used '9.75'?(v1.16.220+ = Why '1.5'?)
            "position": [ "math.sin(-query.walk_distance * 180.0) * variable.hand_bob * 7.0""-math.abs(math.cos(-query.walk_distance * 180.0)) * variable.hand_bob * 15.0 + variable.short_arm_offset_left", 0.0 ]

      Finding these files can be very annoying.
      The animations player_firstperson.animation.json in the 'vanilla' folder uses 9.75, and 'vanilla_1.16.200' folder is uses 1.5.
      This is the cause.


      When I reconfirmed, the symptoms were a little similar.
      Some descriptions are quite similar to MCPE-54072, but this bug report is only affected by height.
      Bob is hard-coded, so if you have an empty hand, you can either make it unaffected by the hard-coded Bob, remove animation.player.first_person.walk, or disable it from the controller and hard-coded left and right. I need to fix Bob who is too strong (I personally think I should remove the hard-coded Bob to give the creator more freedom).


      05/22/21 22:04

      I said only the top and bottom bobs, but forgot that the left and right bobs are also included.
      Organize the description:
      Top and bottom = due to resource pack. The top and bottom hard-coded bob animations overlap with the top and bottom bob animations in the resource pack (this is close to MCPE-54072, so it may not have been necessary to explain here...).
      Left / Right = Caused by a hard-coded Bob (BTU / 1.2.0+).
      Up / down = This is due to the resource pack and the hard-coded Bob animation overlapping.

       - Fixed Typo 


      06/20/21 18:42

      Not only Bob in Y Position, but also X Position has become stronger.(MCPE-54072)


      (sorry not good my English...)


      test video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HR7j41UmmWg



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