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Glow Ink Sac is not applying in signs.


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      Hi Mojang, Mega Spud & Bedrock Developers. Yesterday i find an issue which was occur suddenly yesterday beta version and now in this new beta version that issue is still that glow ink sac is not applying in signs whenever you take glow ink sac form creative inventory or get it form killing glow squid and use it on signs it doesn't apply first i was thinking it must be sound issue of glow ink sac applying on signs but when apply dye on it. It doesn't make any sound and sign was not glowing. that's why i figure it out many times and came to know glow ink sac is not applying on signs when i try apply glow ink sac it dose not make any sounds and it dose not apply on signs that's why when you use dyes the signs do not get dyed and do not glow and signs started to look like normal signs.
      Please fix this issue Mojang, Mega Spud and Bedrock developers.

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