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Inability to log into my Xbox Live account



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      Hello! My issue started in approximately August of 2020. I once booted up Minecraft Bedrock on Switch, and I noticed that oddly, I got logged out of my account. I shrugged it off and I decided to log back in but to my surprise, it didn't work. Let me explain what still happens to this day.

      I boot up Minecraft, push the log in to Microsoft Account button, and choose to save my purchases and such on my account. Then it just does nothing, stays on that menu and like 30 seconds after gives me the log in code. So I go to https://aka.ms/remoteconnect, do the usual process, and after it's done, I push B on my controller to quit the menu in the game. Now, either of those things happen:
      -after pushing B, I'm still put into the menu where I have to choose on where I have to save my purchases (account or device)
      -it instantly quits to the title screen, and just does nothing, and if I repeat the login process, nothing happens
      -if I repeat the login process it may just get stuck logging in forever

      Basically, no matter how many times I try, nothing works. I'm getting desperate at this point, so this is why I'm reaching out to you. I hope there is a solution that doesn't require me losing my data.

      -With kind regards,




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