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Using "count" in output on a custom furnace recipe doesn't work properly


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    • Beta, 1.18.10
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      I am creating an addon which adds "Steel" as a material in game. I made the nuggets and ingots fine, and even made armor to go with it. I then created recipes to smelt the steel armor down into nuggets, but instead of just 1 nugget I wanted 4 to come out per item so I did the following recipe:

      "format_version": "1.12",
      "minecraft:recipe_furnace": {

      { "identifier": "mist:furnace_steel_chestplate" }

      "tags": ["furnace", "blast_furnace"],
      "input": "mist:steel_chestplate",

      { "item" : "mist:steel_nugget", "count" : 4 }


      Now if you smelt a single item, it works perfectly and 4 nuggets are given out. If the 4 nuggets are removed, the next item will also give 4 nuggets. However, if at any time there is any of the nuggets in the output of the furnace when the next item stops smelting, it only adds 1 nugget to the output.

      I've attached the pack in case something is wrong but I'm 100% sure this is a bug with the game itself due to the fact it works perfectly if the output is empty.

      Replicate Instructions:
      Install the pack.
      Create a new world with the pack enabled. (Turn on additional modding and holiday creator)
      Place a furnace and add fuel.
      Smelt 1 steel armor item, then smelt another without removing the nuggets that come out.

      Result: total of 5 nuggets given.
      Expected: 8 nuggets should be given.

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