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Spyglass causes several render errors when used with Ray Tracing on


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      When the Spyglass is used with Ray Tracing on the Spyglass overlay texture does not render, the new fov does not match the fov when it is used with Ray Tracing off, the clouds lose their moisture look, and water and fog begins to render incorrectly, with water losing it's texture and gaining an unnatural perfect mirror look while the distance fog does not render until the fog end is reached.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Open any world with Ray Tracing on
      2. Take a Spyglass and use it

      Observed Results:

      The Spyglass overlay texture fails to load, the FOV change does not match that of the Spyglass with the vanilla lighting, several blocks start to render incorrectly such as water, the clouds lose their moisture-filled look, and distance fog starts to render incorrectly, only showing up once at the point where it is supposed to end.

      Expected Results:

      The Spyglass should change the FOV in the exact same way that it does with vanilla lighting, and shouldn't make any visual changes except for overlaying the Spyglass texture (instead of that texture failing to load and many aspects of rendering breaking).

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