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Bridging while looking forward causes blocks to most of the time place twice


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    • Preview, 1.20.80
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      So basically there is a bug that block placements aren't placed in the correct way anymore ever since 1.16.210 has been released..

      So, when you watch the video, you can see I bridge on a minigame skywars.

      As you can see the bridge I used to do before 1.16.210 worked perfectly but ever since 1.16.210 released now it just place 2 blocks instead of 1 while bridging which messes up the bridge. At first I thought it was the server bug but I tried on a survival world and the bug is even on that world. Since the video size is heavy here is a link for the video

      New Video File Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/m2guqvgroj41oxk/Proof.mp4/file

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Look at the block from which you want to start placing blocks.
      2. Hold place button down and go forward shortly after.
      3. Jump on the placed blocks without releasing hold button and continue looking forward.

      Update: The Bug is NOT fully fixed in the preview, but rather still sometimes two blocks are placed at once, usually when you begin a bridge or bridge at a certain 45 angle up from the surface.
      Observed Results:
      The blocks place two at a time

      Expected Results:
      The blocks place one at a time

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