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Axolotl Play Dead Animation Broken


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    • 1.17.10, Beta
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      With the introduction of the axolotl mob in the latest beta, i've noticed that the play dead animation for this particular mob is somewhat broken. In the Java edition of Minecraft, once an axolotl initiates the play dead animation they simply don't just stay frozen in the water and play dead, they have somewhat of a gliding animation while simultaneously playing dead. 


      Expected Results 

      When the axolotl mob initiates it's play dead animation they glide in the water while playing dead at the same time. 


      Actual Results 

      The axolotl mob stays frozen in place in water while playing dead, and has no gliding animation compared to the Java edition of Minecraft. 


      How to Reproduce 

      1. Spawn an axolotl mob in survival. 
      2. Hit an axolotl mob until it initiates it's play dead animation. 

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