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Taking damage from falling into things, despite being suspended above them by a cobweb


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      Taking damage from falling into things despite being suspended above them by a cobweb (that really wasn't concise, sorry).

      Steps to Reproduce:
      Place cobweb(s) above something deadly, e.g. lava, below the world, a deadly drop
      In Survival, stand in the cobweb above this.

      Observed Results:
      Took fall damage, caught fire etc as though I had fallen down, despite still being suspended.

      Expected Results:
      No damage until I fell out of the cobweb.

      See below (or possibly above)

      Takes damage from falling, falling out of the world, lava, those evil prickly bush things (although these don't actually kill you, just hurt a bit), with appropriate death messages.
      Does not seem to affect other mobs or entities.
      Problem in both Survival and Adventure mode
      Damage pattern seems fairly random and interspersed – on the evil prickly bush things this makes sense, but it is odd for falling from a great height
      Tested with a 4 * 3 * 2 patch of cobwebs, variously 4 blocks above lava, 3 above evil prickly bush things (I have no idea what they're really called), 16 above the bottom of the world, 15 above a cold, hard, unforgiving stone floor, as well as a similar arrangement 4 blocks above the bottom of the world.

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