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      For an unknown reason, the stopsound command crashes/freezes the game completely. This seems to affect most of, if not, all of the in game sounds.

      Info update 1: this does not happen with music
      Info update 2: this only works when two stopsound commands are playing simultaneously. This means that my previous info update is false.
      Info update 3: multiple stopsound commands for music played at the same time do not cause crashes/freezes, however a stopsound command for sound effects in combination with a stopsound command for music will cause crashes/freezes. This makes info update 1 partially true.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Enter /stopsound @a elytra.loop in the chat or enable a command block with the /stopsound @a elytra.loop command while another stopsound command is being executed.

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