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Exiting rideable (minecart, boat) places player in unsafe location (water, lava, inside blocks), and minecarts can no longer drop mobs into holes


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      The change "Added new logic for mobs dismounting rideable" breaks the minecart logic and boat exiting.

      The following issues occur:

      • A player in a minecart going over an activator rail with solid blocks at a head height will suffocate, because the minecart prefers to put the player inside of solid blocks instead of on trapdoors, water, or a safe fall next to the track (see Mine cart Murders me.mcworld ).
      • Minecarts going over activator rails no longer drop mobs into holes, ruining many mob farms and villager transport systems.
      • It doesn't fix the issue with the boat, as you fall through when you get in water. Fall through boat.mp4 (MCPE-105535)
      • It doesn't fix the issue on the strider on going into lava.

      I am unclear on what this actually fixes as the stated fixes are not actually not fixed and the the player/entities end up often put into more hazardous locations IE inside of blocks causing suffocation damage.

      This is a regression that actually causes death in more condition then it prevents.

      Workaround by Auldrick:

      See this comment for information on how to work around this problem.

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