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Extreme Lag Occurs when a Ghast enters a Lava Fall and is Impaled by the Lava on Realms and Custom Servers


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    • Preview, 1.20.30
    • Preview, 1.16.201 Hotfix, 1.19.2 Hotfix, 1.19.22 Hotfix, Preview, 1.19.41
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      Separate Bug Report created upon request of Moderator Auldrick.


      This bug is indirectly related to MCPE-41803 through the action of the Ghast itself entering and being impaled by a lavafall, not related to the pathfinding of the Ghast itself.


      On Windows 10 Custom Servers, and on all iterations (Platforms, Windows 10; Xbox One, PS4, etc.) of Bedrock Realms in Minecraft Bedrock Hotfix 1.16.201, when a Ghast enters a lavafall and becomes impaled and stuck, it creates a large amount of lag, negatively impacting the gameplay experience.


      The lag creates issues in the area where this occurs, not limited to, but including:

      All Nether Mobs moving unusually slow, and even at times coming to a halt for a short duration. This includes all of the following:

      • All Piglin variants (Piglins and Piglin Brutes)
      • Zombified Piglins
      • All skeleton variants (Wither and Regular)
      • Blazes
      • Magma Cubes of all sizes
      • All Hoglin variants (Hoglin and Zoglin)
      • Endermen
      • Other Ghasts who are not impaled by Lavafalls

      Additionally, this lag negatively impacts the use of Tridents, where a Trident has to be held back ready to throw for 10-30 seconds before being thrown, as if just cocked back and thrown almost instantly as normal, it automatically returns to the player's inventory instead due to the lag.


      Mining during this lag is spotty as well. Sometimes when mining blocks during this lag, they will disappear without dropping a block and then reappear seconds later.


      Player movement is unaffected by this lag, and block placement is only affected by a delay in the block placing sound which occurs sometimes.


      When the Ghast impaled in the lavafall is killed or removed from the lavafall, the lag dissipates and the gameplay returns to normal.


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log onto a Realm on Minecraft Bedrock Edition Hotfix 1.16.201 on any platform or onto a custom server on Windows 10.
      2. Enter the Nether and look for Ghasts around lavafalls and watch until one flies into a lavafall.
      3. Try to use a Trident as normal to attempt to kill it, mine blocks, and observe other Nether Mobs while the Ghast is stuck in the lavafall.

      Observed Results:

      Extreme lag occurs until the Ghast stuck in the lavafall is killed or removed from the lavafall, causing negative effects on gameplay experience.

      Expected Results:

      No lag should be created when a Ghast is impaled and stuck in a lavafall. The game should function as normal as intended by the developer, where Tridents work as normal, mobs move as normal, and mining is normal.


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