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Clear command removes extra items in the off-hand


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    • 1.16.220, Beta
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      When using the clear command to remove a certain amount of items from a player, if the player has the item in their off hand and in their inventory, the selected amount will be removed from the inventory but an extra will be removed from the off hand.

      Steps To Reproduce:

      1. Get 2 stacks of Nautilus Shells and place one stack in the off hand
      2. Run the following command: /clear @s nautilus_shell 0 50
      3. The stack in your inventory will be at 14 (64 - 50) but the stack in your offhand will now be at 63

      Expected Behavior:

      • The clear command doesn't remove an extra item from the off hand when clearing specific items (perhaps it prefers the main hand then the off hand then the inventory?)

      Actual Behavior:

      • The clear command removes an extra item from the off hand when removing specific items

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