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Torch texture on Bedrock Edition can only be 4x20 pixels for 32x texture packs, while on Java the torch texture can support up to 32x32 pixels.



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       I was working on porting over my favorite 32x texture pack to Bedrock edition from Java when I discovered that on Bedrock the regular torch texture can only be 4x20 pixels (and only 8x22 pixels for redstone torches, both should support 32x32 pixels). This really disappoints me (and I assume every texture pack creator too) as you have to strip away all the detail in order to make it work. The torch textures need to work the same way as they do in Java edition, so texture pack creators can make more detailed textures for them.


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Download the torch texture I provided
      2. Replace your torch texture
      3. Open up one of your worlds and look at a torch


      Observed Results:

      Bedrock edition's torch textures cannot support more than 4x20 pixels for 32x packs (this depends on the size of your textures if you are using a 16x pack it can only be up to 2x10 pixels).


      Expected Results:

      The Green, Blue, and Red lines should be 32 pixels like on Java edition.


      As you can see the green, blue and red lines don't extend up to 32 pixels on Bedrock.


      The lines do extend to 32 pixels on Java, so this obviously is not intended behavior on Bedrock.


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