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Minecraft Bedrock constantly crashes when running any of MakeCode tutorials in it


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    • 1.16.210
    • 1.16.201 Hotfix
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      Just bought Minecraft Bedrock for PC, running on Windows 10 with all latest updates, latest Minecraft version 1.16.201, downloaded latest CodeConnection.

      • Start CodeConnection, start Minecraft, execute "/connect" in Minecraft chat, connects ok
      • click any tutorial in CodeConnection (e.g. "Flower Trail"), use MakeCode/Blocks language, put the simple code for tutorial and click Play button (triangle)
      • go to Minecraft and try to use the code from the tutorial
      • it will run for ~30 seconds and then Minecraft crashes and closes silently. Every time, no exclusions.

      Tutorials that don't continuously execute code (e.g. a 1-time action call) - may work (if they run shorter than ~30sec)

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