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Fish do not approach bobber when fishing



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    • 0.13.1
    • 0.12.3
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      OK, so I got mcpe 0.11.0 a couple of months ago and I was fishing, and I could actually collect fish in that version...BUT, whenever MCPE 0.12.0 came out, I couldn't fish anymore. I can't show a screenshot of it because of technical computer reasons, but Heres what it does:

      The bobber bobs up and down repeatily too fast but yet it dosen't even collect any fish! One time, I waited 40 minutes nonstop trying to collect fish but the bobber just kept on doing the same thing. I had this annoying bug ever since 0.12.0 came out and it's still here in MCPE 0.12.3

      Also, my Device is a Android - RCA Voyager 7. But sadly, they don't have my device in the list so I'm just going to pick a random device, even though thats not really my device. so sorry for the confusion...

      If anyone out here in this whole bug forum database has my exact device and has mcpe 0.12.3 on it, then please say something to me about it because I feel like I'm the only one with this Bug.

      Please fix this Mojang/MCPEDevs because I want to be reunited with my glorious fishing rod companion!




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