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Smelting items does not give experience for server clients


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    • 0.13.0
    • 0.12.3
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    • Phone - iOS - iPhone 6 Plus

      Removing smelted items from a furnace does not add to a client's total experience count.
      Removing seven charcoal from a furnace result slot, the host recieved experience enough to set him at level 1 from 0. Attempting to do the same as the client did not display any affect on my total.

      Host @rplatham, LAN, 0.12.3 on Asus B121 Windows 10 Pro.
      Additional testing as the client by Google+ user Scott, running 0.12 on Samsung Galaxy S6.
      World was in Survival Mode, though it had been converted to Creative at some point previously (0.12.3). Smelted items tested were gold and charcoal, both in amounts that would normally provide enough experience to level up.

            Illidicia Katten
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