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/difficulty command can't be used with Cheats Off despite it being adjustable in the Game Menu


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      I host a realm on Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.200 (although I have noticed this issue on earlier versions). Cheats are OFF in this world, always have been. Of course, I can still change the difficulty of the world from easy to normal to hard etc, but the issue is I can't do it in the slash commands because it says it's a cheat command. 

      I'm not sure if this makes it a bug. But I just wonder why I can't change a setting via slash commands when I can in the main Game Settings.

      This has become more of an issue now I have a second Operator on the world. He can't change the game difficulty when he technically should be able to because he can't use the slash commands, and the Game Settings don't appear for him. (For reference, he's using the game on iOS)


      The image attached shows the error message in game chat when /difficulty easy is typed

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