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Mobs spawned from spawn eggs fired by dispensers are not persistent


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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Load a world with simulation distance set to 4.
      2. Place a dispenser at Y = 150.
      3. Fill the dispenser with creeper spawn eggs.
      4. Stand at Y = 100.
      5. Use a command to place a redstone block next to the dispenser, to activate it.

      Expected result

      The dispenser spawns a creeper, and the creeper falls down to you.

      Actual result

      The dispenser spawns a creeper, and the creeper instantly despawns.

      Original summary
      Dispenser doesn’t dispense mob if player is 49.5 or more blocks below dispenser.
      Original description
      I have a basic tower with sticky pistons and red stone blocks to activate a dispenser at the top of the world.

      When I put a spawn egg in the dispenser, it only spawns if I am within 49.5 blocks below the dispenser.

      The dispenser is at y255.
      When I activate it standing right next to it, it drops a mob and the mob falls to its death.
      When I activate it from y206 or below, there is a little blip on the screen but no mob falls.

      When I activate it while standing on the top slab of y206, the mob drops.

      When I activate it while standing on the bottom slab on y206 I get nothing.

      I placed water for the mobs to land in to test in case there was some weird glitch happening.

      Same result. Mob lands in the water unless I am standing below y206.5.

      I even double checked that it wasn’t a display glitch (because 1.16.101 mobs are buggy af) by doing the kill command and seeing what mobs are listed.

      This confirmed that when I am standing 49.5 blocks or more directly below the dispenser, no mob drops. I also confirmed that the dispenser does in fact release and suck up a water bucket from as low as y124, so this distance issue is unique to mob eggs.

      I discovered this on 1.16.101 and it remains the same for 1.16.200.

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