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iOS: Get "That's not a Minecraft skin, silly" when trying to use custom skins


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      So I only started having this glitch today but when I tried to upload a new skin it said "that's not a Minecraft skin silly." I was confused because I downloaded it from a website for skins and it had the exact template. So I thought maybe that skin was bugged so I tried different skins over and over and none of them worked. So I thought maybe all the new skins I got were bugged so I went to one I downloaded a few months ago that worked back then and that one was bugged too. Still not convinced I tried to reupload the exact custom skin I had on for a week or so and it said that was also not a Minecraft skin. So I know it's not a problem with the skins cause I was wearing it for over a week and still have it on. I think Minecraft isn't able to detect any real skins right now. I can also add a picture of when I uploaded the skin I had on and it still said it wasn't a skin.

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