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Player hitbox incorrect after hitting a wall with an elytra



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      You will be able to go through blocks above you after hitting a wall while flying with the elytra.

      Steps to replicate

      1. Equip elytra
      2. Fly into a block, preferably a wall you built that should be easy to fly into, but a tree also works (do this in survival)
      3. You are no longer flying after hitting that wall (make sure to not glide again)
      4. Walk into a space with a roof 2 blocks off the ground
      5. Jump
      6. You can go into the block above you
      7. From here you can test it further by going into one block gaps and other places. It is very easy to suffocate by jumping when inside 1 block gaps, but you will probably suffocate just from walking into them.

      Ways to reset yourself after going into this mode

      1. Reload the world, your hitbox will be normal
      2. Use the elytra again and not hit a wall. This is probably the easiest and simplest way
      3. There might be a way by doing something while swimming, but I am not sure

      After further testing

      There is a way to fix it while swimming, but it is not because you are swimming that it fixes itself. You can "glide" while swimming, which activates the same fix as if you would on land. It has the same effect that fixes your hitbox, but you will not start to actually glide like you would in lava or land. You just need to press space while swimming, sometimes multiple times. It is somewhat related to MCPE-54255, since doing that bug fixes the effects of this one. 

      As stated in the comments, dying while swimming in a 1 block gap will also have the same hitbox bug. The same effect will not happen if you die while swimming with water above you, so I think that there is either a certain timing between damage and switching hitboxes that activates it, or it is caused by being forced to switch hitboxes in a specific way by damage. It is not damage, since I was able to get this bug in creative. I think it might just be caused by switching hitboxes in a specific way, regardless of damage.


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