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Netherite armor knockback resistance is way too much


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      How to reproduce:-

      1st way-

      1: Wear a full set of unenchanted netherite armor.

      2: Summon a iron golem using /summon iron_golem

      3: Go to survival mode and attack the iron golem.

      2nd way-

      1: Spawn a zombie/zombie villager. 

      2: Give the entity a netherite sword with the enchantment knockback 2.

      3: Go to survival mode.

      Observed results:-

      When the iron golems/zombie hits the player the netherite armors knockback res is too much. 

      Expected Results:-

      Knockback res shouldn't apply to iron golem punches and knockback enchanted weapons.


      This is not a duplicate of MCPE-77430 because, that bug report states the parity issue of not matching. Which was said to be fixed in

      Visual representation of the bug is provided.

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