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Horses, donkeys, and mules sometimes become invisible after players dismount them


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      Update as of 1.18.0 release:

      Going forward, we are going to track the issue with boats in the MCPE-125388 bug report. If you are still watching this ticket because of disappearing boats, you will most likely want to upvote and watch the new ticket and stop watching this one. We believe the problem with disappearing mobs was fixed in 1.17.30, so we intend to close this report as Fixed for mobs after we split the boat issue out of it.

      This report has many comments about boats that disappear, which are no longer relevant to this ticket. Please note that we don't need you to repeat them in the new ticket because the problem is believed to be already well understood.

      Updated description as of 1.17.41 Hotfix:

      Release 1.17.30 applied a fix for this issue that seems to have fixed it for mobs, as the reports we've received since then only mention mobs disappearing as a result of being in boats that disappear. If you have a reproducible case of mobs disappearing with no boat involvement, please comment with the details.


      Previous Description (probably, only the entries below for boats are still important):

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Spawn and tame a horse, donkey, or mule
      2. Ride the mob for a while
      3. Dismount the mob, preferably by riding it into water

      Observed Results:
      The horse, donkey, and mule sometimes become invisible. If the world is reloaded, the horse, donkey, or mule becomes visible again.

      Expected Results:
      Horses, donkeys, and mules should not become invisible after players dismount them.


      Original Description:
      Me and my friend have both had this problem and we lost a ton of progress in our world and lost the rarest and best horses this way. But if you are running on a horse and you get off the horse sometimes it will disappear even if there is a name tag on it.

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