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Cannot create worlds on Kindle Fire - "There was a problem loading this world"


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      Update on this issue

      We are hearing from users that a new Amazon device account setting is triggering this issue. In order to create worlds, you will need to allow contacts and storage for Minecraft. To toggle this setting, navigate to

      Settings > Manage Storage > Internal Storage > Apps & Games > Minecraft > Permissions

      Per this comment, this needs to be done while logged into the child's profile. The settings can be accessed by swiping down from the top of the screen, expanding, and selecting "storage."

      It it also necessary to install Minecraft to internal storage and not an SD card. (MCPE-66549, and this comment)

      Please comment below if these actions do not resolve the issue for you.

      My son got a new Fire tablet. I loaded Minecraft and now we are getting this error when trying to create a world. We are having the exact same issues as another case opened- MCPE-105962.
      We click create world, it seems to try and load and we get the error.
      When we click on the worlds, it lists the attempted world. Click on it, error message and id disappears.
      It does not matter what settings I use to create this world.

      Now, the interesting thing... this same version is functioning fine on his old tablet (it was purchased in October). When I looked at the version numbers they are the same. Obviously something isn't the same.

      We have deleted/uninstalled, reinstalled. I have deleted the files and had Amazon repush the app. Nothing works.

      Please help!

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