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list scoreboard display does not display scoreboard in the list.


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    • 1.16.200
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      Before the update I had a scoreboard objective displayed in the list, and after the update it no longer showed the objective in the list, I did this command to change it to the sidebar display.

      /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar money

      Setting the objective money to that display worked and could now be viewed, but I do not want it on that display so I tried running this command.

      /scoreboard objectives setdisplay list money

      This command did set the display to list, but when I look in the list there is no scoreboard showing and looks as if there is no scoreboard set there.

      I created a new super flat world to test this in and when I loaded in I ran these commands in this order.

      /scoreboard objectives add money dummy money
      /scoreboard objectives setdisplay list money
      /scoreboard players set @s money 100

      After doing this even knowing I set the display to list, it did not show my money, as shown in the first picture. (Jira could not upload image because missing token but it looked like if I had just made the new world with no scoreboard on it.)

      My friends are having the same issue with it and one of them are on mobile, I am on Windows, And the other one is on Xbox one S.

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