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Sound of certain redstone components cannot be muted using the sound sliders in the settings


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    • Beta, 1.17.30
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      Bug description
      In the update the new sound sliders were added. However I have found an issue with certain redstone components. They ignore that the sliders are all down, unlike others.
      The list of these components:

      • Activating dropper
      • Activating dispenser
      • Activating lever
      • Activating a button
      • Walking over tripwire
      • Breaking tripwire
      • Placing tripwire
      • Changing modes on a comparator

      Expected result
      When doing the actions mentioned above here, there will be no sound played while the sound sliders are down

      Experienced result
      All of these blocks still make sound, even though the sliders are down

      Possible solution
      You can always turn down the master volume or the sound slider in the audio settings, however this means all sounds will also turn down

      How to fix
      In my opinion droppers and dispensers should fall under a new slider, like on java, where they have their own slider.

      For the other blocks I recommend putting them under the "Blocks" sound slider

      This is just a suggestion, this does not have to be implemented but I wanted to show what how I would like to see it fixed

      If you turn your volume on you'll see that I have all the sliders down, but you can still here those blocks produce sound.

      Sorry for the extremely bad quality, but my device can't handle the beta (when recording) very good. Hopefully is the sound reasonable.

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