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Bastion Remnant Loot in Bedrock Edition is not in parity with Java Edition



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      As I was browsing the Minecraft Wiki, I found that Bastion RemnantĀ  loot in Bedrock Edition was not updated along with the addition of Piglin Brutes, unlike how it was updated on the Java Edition to make Bastion loot more valuable. I supposed this would eventually be fixed/ported over from Java to Bedrock like everything is, but now the Caves & Cliffs update betas have started and no attention has been paid to that issue. I compared the loot tables on the Wiki with Bastion chests I found in Creative, and it seemed they really have not been updated. As I searched the Treasure Room in multiple copies of one world, I never found one block of iron, something you're as likely to find as gold blocks on the Java Edition. I'm sure this was unintended, because the difference is very significant, and that is considered a parity issue.

      How to reproduce:

      1. Create multiple copies of a random world.
      2. Locate and reach the same (type of) Bastion Remnant on each copy of the world (the loot should be random each time).
      3. Compare the loot you find in the chests in each copy with the "Generic" loot table, or preferably with the loot table relative to the type of Bastion (you can compare the loot with both tables).
      4. The loot you find should be consistent with the Bedrock Edition loot table, and much less applicable to the Java Edition loot table, indicating disparity. For instance, you should not find any blocks of iron in any type of Bastion, and you should find that stacks of gold and iron ingots never stack up to 9 like in the Java Edition.

      P.S: You could simply locate multiple Bastion Remnants of the same type in one or more worlds.




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