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Lightning Entity set on Fire



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      Demo: Ligntning burns.mp4

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Set a repeat command block to summon lightning bolts with 0 tick delay.
      2. Set a repeat command block to summon lightning bolts with 20 tick delay.

      Expected result

      Lightning bolts do not catch on fire.

      Observed result

      There is entity fire (smaller than block fire) where the lightning bolts hit in step 1, but not in step 2.


      The lightning bolts are clearly being set on fire by lightning bolts that hit a short time after them. If you set the repeat delay to somewhere between 5 and 10 ticks you will see intermittent entity fire, meaning that only some of the lightning bolts are being caught on fire.

      I tried to fix this with a behavior pack by giving the lightning_bolt entity a "minecraft:fire_immune" component, but the lightning still catches fire. It looks like this is also another case where data-driven behavior is not fully enabled. See This should fix lightning burning but does not.mcpack

      1. Summon lightning bolt entities in the same place using a repeating command block set at a high tick speed.

      The lightning bolts will be set on fire temporarily.

      Lightning bolts shouldn't show that they are on fire.


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