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Blocks that I held in hand while I am on digging is cut off when moving



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      When I am in the mining progress and moving the camera left, then right, when my block is on the hand, when moving, right and left, the block that I held in hand shows as cutoff.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Gather any block in creative or break other block on survival
      2. Go to mining
      3. Mine blocks, 2 blocks height and 1 block width.
      4. Continue mining and see the camera right to see how mobs are created
      5. Go back the camera to the left until the block that held in your hand are cutoff.

      The block that held in your hand is passing through other blocks, Although I can not see my blocks that I held in hand until moving camera back.

      Steps to unproduce:
      1. Gather any block in creative or break block in survival
      2. Do the reproduction steps
      3. Move the camera back into the right

      Watch it as seen in the picture shows that the block is cutoff.


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